Memorial Day Writing Contest Winners!

Memorial Day Writing Contest Winners!

The Memorial Day Writing Contest was promoted by English Language Arts Specialists and teachers in all of the county’s elementary schools. The students at each grade level were given the option of writing a narrative piece or a poem. In total, we received 485 entries from our elementary schools!! Wow!

All entries were judged by a panel of English Language Arts Specialists. We are very excited to recognize two students from the primary grades (K-2) and two students from the intermediate grades (3-5).

Memorial Day

Jessica Joy Pasteur
Cranberry Station Elementary School
Mrs. Shifflett’s 2nd Grade Class

Boom! Crash! The rockets bash!
It’s the day we cry
for the people who died.
We thank them for this day,
for their kind way.
To save our lives
But we still cry
For the people who died.

Memorial Day

Austin Schemm
Runnymede Elementary School
Ms. Raines’s 2nd Grade Class

In my opinion, I think people in the Armed Forces are heroes. Most of them are in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, and Marines. Heroes are brave because they go out of their way for the U.S.A. I think heroes are persistent because they never give up. I believe heroes are risk takers. They risk their lives for us. People in the Armed Forces are dependable because they do their job right. That’s why I think people in the Armed Forces are heroes.

Brave Soldier, Kind Soldier

Chloe Mattingly Standen
Robert Moton Elementary School
Mrs. Childs’ 4th Grade Class

His old boots worn down by the great battles he fought for us. She knows she is risking her life for the love of her country.

Both are brave soldiers, kind soldiers.

He knows he might not see his precious child again but decides to make a better environment for the child, for us.

We hold our heads up high; proud to say that these are our brave soldiers, the kind, thoughtful soldiers that fight for us and don’t  stop fighting till they have won the battle.

She is not afraid of the battle arising. She can sense victory. She is dreaming about the day when the yellow ribbon comes off the tree, waiting for the  time when her loved ones greet her with great celebration that their brave, kind soldier is home.

Raise your heads up high as we praise our heroes, the ones who fight for us.

To Embrace Death

Rachel  Sell
Robert Moton Elementary School
Mrs. Childs’ 4th Grade Class

Fear is only in our minds,
Bravery in our actions,
Love in our hearts.
Fear would not hold them back.
None failed through victory.
They fought for our nation,
No one could have asked for more.
They fought with triumph
In the Civil War.
We thank them,
For accepting death
For the love of our country.
We praise them,
With red poppies,
Across their grave,
To decorate their silent presence.
We honor them,
On May 30th,
For their life saving actions.
Tonight, the flag is raised.

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