Parade Policy and Guidelines

For over 144 years Memorial Day Observances have been held in Westminster, Maryland.  For the last 90 plus years the American Legion Post #31 has been charged with the responsibility of organizing, coordinating, directing, and conducting the Memorial Observance in Westminster.  This has been done in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the American Legion’s stated objectives, which call for its Posts to promote and carry out activities which honor all those who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States and especially those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives.

Because of this responsibility and charge, American Legion Post #31 has as policy the following rules and guidelines for any person, group, or organization’s participation in either the parade or the services at the Westminster Cemetery.

1. There shall be no person, group, or organization allowed to participate that displays, advocates, or promotes any banners, handouts, or floats that are disrespectful to the American flag or the United States Armed Forces.

2. No political activity of any kind will be allowed.

3. No candidate for office shall participate who wears or displays in any manner “vote for” or “support”, or any group supporting a particular candidate.

4. Bands shall not do any counter marching or maneuvers that delay or interrupt the flow of the parade.

5. No giveaways or throw outs shall be allowed (e.g. candy, beads, pins, etc.) except for American flags, patriotic buttons, or poppy flowers.

The parade marshals as designated by American Legion Post #31 shall have the authority to deny inclusion in the parade or to remove from the parade any person, group, or organization that they deem to be not following the guidelines established by Post #31.

The Memorial Day Observance is a sacred trust that must be honored and perpetuated, and the American Legion Post #31 does this with all of its heart and soul.